Logging Into WordPress Dashboard (and Updating WordPress)

There are several ways to log into your WordPress admin dashboard :

  1. Via “Log in” at the (Meta) sidebar. However, if you’ve changed the theme, there might not be any “Log in” link at your homepage.
  2. Best way is still to enter /wp-admin right at the end of your domain name ie. https://test.wordpresssos.com/wp-admin
  3. Or /wp-login.php

WordPress is one of the most popular and frequently updated content management system (CMS). Whenever there’s an available upgrade, you’ll prompted right at the top of your dashboard when you’re logged in. It’s always a good practice to maintain your WordPress at its latest version.

The video below shows you how to update the WordPress and its respective plugins and themes to their latest version.

The best way to start using and learning WordPress is simply to click each and every menu on the (left-side of) dashboard.

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