Web Development Blueprint – Step-by-Step Professional Web Development

The below Web Development Blueprint infographic illustrate the step-by-step of professional web development.

All web development will always start with Niche Selection – there must be purpose or objective to have a website; it could be a corporate who want to have a web presence or an internet marketer who want a niche blog to make money online or an e-store to start selling the products/services of a new e-business.

Next, one would need to perform a thorough Keyword Analysis to estimate potential (keyword based) traffic and competition analysis (sort of like business feasibility study). Keyword analysis is also the foundation of search engine optimisation for the purpose of ranking the website in Google search engine.

Then we will start to develop the website. In this case, a domain name and web hosting will be needed. The best platform for web development is definitely the powerful and widely popular WordPress CMS (content management system). You can easily create a WordPress installation using cPanel from the web hosting’s auto-installer.

Upon setting up the WordPress, the first thing is to select an appropriate premium WordPress theme for the site. Then comes the most demanding task of the web developer/designer – that is to customise the WordPress theme.

It is followed by WordPress setting customisation for the purpose of search engine optimisation ie. keyword in site title, tagline, permalink setting etc.

And now comes the most important part of the entire web development process – Content Generation. A good website must include excellent unique information for the visitors.

A website, even if it’s visually stunning, will be quite a useless site if there is no traffic. In fact, traffic is all that matters – it is the main reason why we need the website in the first place; usually for the purpose of monetising from the traffic. This is where internet marketing, linkings, social marketing etc. will come in.

Last but not least, one must include proper site maintenance ie. scheduled weekly full backup of the WordPress site. WordPress is a very popular platform which is also a popular target for hackers. Hence, if the site is down due to hacking or simply web server crashing, you can still restore your website with minimal downtime. Nevertheless, good web hosting will include daily backup – though a restoration from web hosting provider would normally involve a little fee.

P.S. Both Content and Traffic Generations are never-ending process. Keep blogging, get more traffic and monetise.

Web Development Blueprint
Web development blueprint

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