Singapore to invest $71 million to attract, develop AI tech talent: DPM Heng

Singapore’s heavy investment in growing its AI proficiency is right on track to tap into the vast opportunities, exponential growth and unstoppable advancement and application in the area of AI.

My AI learning journey started Literacy in AI – a free online course offered by AI Singapore. I’m now into its Foundations in AI course. In fact, in recent months, I realised I’ve subscribed into AI powered SaaS ie. Rytr, Graiphics, Runway etc.

Will soon be sharing a list (of 70+ and growing) AI tools and resources that I’ve compiled. Stay tuned!

DPM Heng Swee Keat speaking at the opening of the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology 2022 on Tuesday. SINGAPORE – The Republic will invest US$50 million (S$71 million) to attract and develop talent in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), as well as open three new centres of […]

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