What You Must Really Know About App Development Before Making Your First App

With the continuously rising popularity of mobile phones, it’s no surprise that mobile app developers are constantly looking for better ways to make their apps stand out. Just one look at Apple’s AppStore or Google’s PlayStore will give you an idea of how vigorous the competition is in the world of app development.

It takes us 5 minutes into an app to place a judgment on whether it’s a waste of our time and money or whether we could benefit from it, but it takes months or even a year for app developers to actually create an app that they deem fit for the viewers.

If app development is what you are interested in, then there are some tips that you should know before you begin your new venture. Here are 5 things that you should know before creating your first mobile app:

The More Unique the App Is, the Better the Audience

The concept of your app is your key to success. If you really want your app to be a success and for it to really stand out when it makes its debut in the application stores, then you need to create something that generates a buzz amongst the users. For instance, games like Flappy Bird—a complete waste of time but loved by so many because the concept of the game was unique and unlike any other.

Research Thoroughly

Although you may think you know everything there is to know about app development, there might still be a lot of things that you could learn. Do intensive research on the subject and the kind of app that you want to develop. Proper market research is essential if you want to know how your competitors operate and what their strategies are.

The Cost of Making an App

Keep in mind that you will not be able to create an app for free just because you know everything there is to know about app development. Creating apps does not come cheap. Expect to shell out a minimum of $5,000–$10,000 in order to develop even the simplest app, and if you decide to hire a professional app developer, the minimum prices will go up.

The Description of Your App

App development is no joke and with so much competition in the market, the one sure way to make your app stand out among the rest is to work on an impressive description. The description or the page of your app is what you will use to attract people to download it. If you have an impressive app page, then there’s also a chance for your app to get featured on Google’s PlayStore or Apple’s AppStore which of course, will attract more users.

Beta Testing

It’s important that you test your app before it hits the market. This way, you will know how your app responds to different types of phones. It is also recommended that you test the app on the phone that it is intended for first. Testing the app before you finally launch it will also ensure that there are no setbacks once it does hit the market.

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