Stock Market Crash – When or Will It Happen Anytime Soon?

Will the stock market crash anytime soon … if you can still remember :

  • 1997/8 – Asian Financial Crisis
  • 2008 – Lehman Brothers subprime crisis
  • 2018 – Will the stock market crash?

Historical major market crashes seem to follow the 10-year cycle. My better question is – IF the crash does happen … are you ready for it? Will Cause the Next Stock Market Crash? – TheStreet.comWhat Will Cause the Next Stock Market Crash?TheStreet.comIn fact, the New York Stock Exchange’s volume ratio shows that there were 18 shares being purchased to every one sold on Friday. A ratio above three is an extreme level, meaning that 18 is signaling a potential significant turning point in stocks in…


There seems to be a change this time round – with China overshadowing the US and becoming the number 1 in financial power, recent market, though down, seems to hold the fort from rock-bottom crash that is historically imminent. stock market rally isn’t like the others – Business Insider Business InsiderThis stock market rally isn’t like the othersBusiness InsiderAccording to Dominic Konstam and team, writing in a note Friday, the rally is about the declining equity risk premium, which is simply the excess return the stock market provides over a risk-free rate like bond returns. The premium jumped after stocks…

That comes to the next vital question – If the market is going to crash (or maybe not), do you stay sideline or should you lookout for possible value long-term dividend-play positions?

In terms of holistic wealth management, if you have workout your total annual income versus expenses, have savings equivalent to 6-month (or perhaps 12-month) of expense (in case on retrenchment or unforeseen circumstances) and, most importantly, settle your insurance (hospital/medical, critical illnesses, life, retirement), then you should ensure the rest of the extra dollars are invested in vehicles which you are comfortable with.

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