Is It Too Late To Learn Coding After 40?

Is it really too late to learn coding when you are in your 40s? These days, we are all talking about Lifelong Learning and that one should continue to learn even beyond retirement. The rationale is not only to make yourself relevant (when you are on your job) but also to remain mentally active.

However, learning coding is not an easy feat. Especially when you hit mid-life. Can you really become a programmer then?

“I almost felt embarrassed that I was still using a free website template rather than having a proper website,” Hart said. “So I took the plunge and decided to learn how to build one. Learning to Code after 40: If You Think It’s Too Late, Read This


And when you can start learning how to code at no charge, it’s never a question of cost but whether you want to start learning how to code …


Codecademy, the free online coding school, raises another $30M led by Naspers – TechCrunch Codecademy, an online coding school with 16 million registered users, has built out its footprint without charging its students a penny to use it. Now, as more questions arise about how and when the startup might start monetizing its services …

With the large array of coding languages available, the next question you should be asking is … “Which coding language should I start learning?” Again, as we “ages”, we might not have the luxury to learn handful of codings like we are in our prime teen era, hence, jump into the right coding pool is important.

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