Building Your Next WordPress Site? Exactly What Are (or Should) You Build?

Building your next website with WordPress? Needless to say, WordPress is the most popular and best platform for you to build your next blog, e-shop, directory site, portal … in fact, WordPress is so versatile you can use it to build almost 90% of what you can conceive online. to Determine What to Build With WordPress As an application, WordPress is in a unique position. For one thing, it powers roughly 25% of the web in that it serves as both as a blogging platform and content management system. But it’s also an application that has a vibrant economy of designers and developers around it who can extend the application and push it to do far more than the core application can.When it comes to software development, it’s not at all uncommon to see this type of economy built around other libraries, frameworks, and languages, but to see this built around an actual application is unique.


I believe the more important thing one must do before building any website is to perform thorough Keyword Analysis – to at least determine to potential traffic available and the “competition” whether it will be easy for your site to rank in the search engines so that you can enjoy free generic search engine traffic. A website without traffic or no visitor is one that will not make money online.

Upon completion of Keyword Analysis and determination of the niche to enter, next is to craft the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the website or e-business. This USP need not be “the cheapest in town” type of “throat cutting” (pardon the hint of “violence”) strategy. It could just be something like …

wordpressHow to Start a Mom Blog: Quick Start Tips from a $100k Mommy Blogger – Huffington Post How to Start a Mom Blog: Quick Start Tips from a $100k Mommy BloggeriPage is a great option for people new to blogging who are unfamiliar with how to work WordPress because they offer a 24/7 live support team for any questions or concerns that you may have. Additionally, the cost is extremely low at just $1.


So if you’re going to build your next website – (1) Use WordPress, (2) Do you Keyword Analysis and (3) Be Unique.

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