Top 4 WordPress Visual Editor Plugins – Which One You Should Use!

Top 4 WordPress Visual Editor Plugins

The online realm is congested with innumerable websites and blogs and so, designing your own “perfect” and visually appealing websites/blogs becomes a huge challenge.

Fortunately, WordPress has smoothened the process with an extremely versatile content management platform to build your very own websites and blogs with ease.

Moreover, an added benefit of incorporating favorable themes and plugins to the WordPress websites and blogs make the platform easy to create niche sites.

While themes take care of the visual appeal, plugins facilitate the ease and extension of functionality with tailored features. It helps you reach out to your specific target audience and enable the usability of website or blog that your visitors would love.

Enhance the UX with WordPress Visual Editor Plugins

The content including text images and videos needs to be scripted on the website in a way that enables a flow for the user to easily follow and give them customized experience for better understanding and extraction of the information provided there.

It is said that what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) and this concept strictly adheres to the online deck. To make it easy for the website owners to create/edit pages or posts, adding visual editor plugins to give enhanced user experience on website is inevitable.

Top 4 WordPress Visual Editor Plugins

We have listed here the best and top 4 WordPress visual editor plugins of 2017 that you must try to make creating WordPress pages/posts truly WYSIWYG.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer by WP Bakery is an amazing WordPress visual editor plugin that enables you to build high end visual appealing content on the website. Here are some of the features of this plugin :-

  • Drag & Drop: It gives smooth flow of drag and drop on the site that facilitates ease on the part of user to follow the flow.
  • Skin Builder: You can manage the content with ease and wrap your website in visually attractive themes of your own choice. You can use the skin builder and get the customized website skin that treats the user with visual delight.
  • Responsive Designs: Visual Bakery, equipped with front end and back end page builder helps you build pages with responsive and stunning designs. It also allows you to get mobile ready layouts enabling the responsive design for different devices.
  • Content Elements: It has ready-to-use content elements that you can place and use with your requirement. It doesn’t require much effort and technical knowledge to add on these content elements.


Elementor is another incredible visual editor plugin for WordPress that enables you to project highly customized and user friendly experience to the site visitors. Here are some of the features of this plugin :-

  • Ease of Embedding: It gives you feature of embedding templates to any part of the website be it sidebars, headers, footers, corners and anywhere.
  • Smooth Sliders: Elementor removes the complications of time consuming process and slow loading issue of the website due to slider plugins. It lends the ease of smooth loading and fast functionality with perfect slides widgets. It is performed on the front end with enhanced simple and smooth functionality
  • Design across Website: This visual editor plugin gives you the advantage of saving widget and use it as global widget. It means that you can use the set design across multiple platforms on the site or throughout the website. Once you have made the changes and the result will get updated across all areas on the entire website.
  • Customized Coding: The feature of customized coding is for the professionals who want to maintain their own control over the website and feel the need to customize coding as per their own specifications and requirements.

Divi Page Builder

The simple, yet high end functionality visual editor plugin is, Divi Page Builder by the famous Elegant Themes. It requires the least effort on the part of a user to possess high technical knowledge to get visually attractive features on their website using this plugin. It not only allows you to embed the visual content on board, but also enables smoothness to the website.

  • Ease of Delivering WYSIWYG: Divi Builder enhances the ease of delivering what you see is what you get with extreme ease building customized visuals and delivering them in the way website visitor wants to see.
  • Ease of Editing and Embedding: You don’t need to go through any cumbersome process to add changes, edit text or the content on your website. Simply click on the page and start doing the changes of the text, font colour, size etc. You can also embed content on the page with simple click.
  • Customizable User Interface: Divi Page Builder gives amazing feature of building website with customizable user interface. You can adjust the interface elements that go with your screen look and user experience.
  • Editing for Responsive Designs: Divi Builder gives you the ease of building responsive designs and also enable you to make the changes. You can do editing on designs and content for different devices independently.

Thrive Architect

Newly launched just last week. Thrive Architect is the successor of the already #1 Thrive Content Builder (TCB) plugin with a truly WYSIWYG front-end page editing features that are leap years ahead of other visual editor plugins.

With Thrive Architect, you can completely revamp the way websites and blogs look. It will drive the new trend in themes and visual editor plugins for the WordPress. All the features of this latest plugin are not revealed yet but it is expected that it will overcome all the limitations of Thrive Content Builder and will also add on the advantages that we have not seen in other plugins.

Among all the plugins we have discussed here it is expected that Thrive Architect can be called as the best WordPress visual editor plugin that ever existed to date. It combines the easy to use features under one plugin so that you don’t need to switch from one to another. You seriously got to try it to believe!

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