How To Create Database in phpMyAdmin for WordPress

How you can create MySQL database in phpMyAdmin for WordPress?

In my previous posts, I’ve shown you how to setup local web server on USB flash drive with XAMPP and Server2Go. Both come with phpMyAdmin which you can use to create and manage databases.

For XAMPP, once you’ve started xampp-control.exe and both Apache and MySQL modules, you can access phpMyAdmin with any browser at – no username/password required for accessing phpMyAdmin in XAMPP.

At Databases tab, create a new database (for purpose of installing WordPress later) ie. wpdb with utf8_general_ci collation.


You’ll need a database user (with password) including All Privileges too.




Now, you have a database with :

Database name : wpdb

Database user : wpdb

Database password : (set by you) ie. wpdbpass

You are all set to install WordPress.

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