How To Include Extra Fee During Checkout in WooCommerce

WooCommerce – including Extra Fee during checkout

At time, e-commerce owners might want to add or include extra fee during checkout ie. Handling, Refundable etc. This can be easily achieve with the WooCommerce Extra Fee Option plugin :

WooCommerce Extra Fee

This plugin has had 2000+ installs with 3.5 stars and it was just updated within a month (as of this writing) and is compatible up to previous WordPress version 4.6.1 (as of writing, WordPress is at its version 4.7). Upon exploring its (8) reviews, though not many, this plugin would be one of the easiest (and free) way for WooCommerce users to include extra fee during checkout easily.

Upon installing and activating the plugin, there’ll be an extra menu “Extra Fee Option” appearing under WooCommerce menu from within Dashboard. Settings are easy :

I’ve not implement this in my own e-commerce sites though. Hence, it is always advisable that if you are to use this option, TEST IT!

On a side note, there is another good (and free) noteworthy plugin which will definitely interest WooCommerce users – the Booster for WooCommerce plugin :

extra fee during checkout

Click here for Booster for WooCommerce.

Many features included within this plugin – particularly the currency features. Will sure check it out very soon!

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