How To Solder (Perfectly)

Knowing how to do soldering is an essential skill for electronic/electrical technicians/engineers. No doubt it’ll take time and, most importantly, practice to master how to solder perfectly, or at least properly without cold joints, lumpy and short-circuit (due to too much solder applied).

Check out this quick video which I’ve created which include the tips and techniques to solder “perfectly” :

Here are some of the great tips and techniques which complement the above “How To Solder (Perfectly)” video tutorial to make the soldering more “perfect” :

1. First of all, like the saying goes – “sharpen the saw before you cut the tree”, a good soldering iron is essential to achieve “perfect” soldering. In the video, a soldering station is featured – which you can adjust the temperature – 380 to 400 degree celsius for lead-free soldering. Nevertheless, a more economical cheaper fixed temperature 30 – 40W soldering iron is good enough to do the job. Most importantly is that the soldering iron is able to melt the solder easily.

At times, the solder melt “intermittently” – this could (highly) possibly because the soldering iron tip is “dirty” (oxidised) and is unable to melt the solder efficiently. In this case, you can clean the tip with cleaning paste ie. Goot BS-2 Solder Iron Tip Refresher. As long as the soldering iron can melt the solder fast, it’ll make your soldering much easier.

2. The trick here to perform a “perfect” solder is to apply JUST ENOUGH solder. Not too much – as this will make a lumpy/big joint.

3. Next, the “trade secret” – while enough solder is melted, remove the solder and continue to hold the soldering iron in place to allow the solder to melt and spread “evenly” around the (PCB) pad – this will take about 1-3 seconds. Then, slide the soldering iron tip UP the component leg to form that (close to) perfect “volcano” shape.

Last but not least, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. The only way to perform soldering “perfectly” is to practice. With the above tips and tricks, your soldering skill should be close to perfection.

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