8 simple steps to optimize your WordPress site for SEO

I agree that a visually stunning site is important. But these days, when I build websites for myself, my work or my clients, I’d pay a great deal of concern on its performance, security and optimisation … to ace that Google PageSpeed score.

The simplest way to optimise for WordPress starts with the theme selection. Selecting a good theme, to me, is the most important step that must be done conscientiously to make your 3Ps (PageSpeed, Performance and Perceived-Value) much easier along the way.

The post below shares 8 simple ways for one to optimise WordPress site for top ranking in Google … check it out and implement on your own sites …

A fast website is a crucial part of improving your SEO rank ; however, guides will oftentimes give generalized statements of optimization and what it can do for your website, or go in-depth into more technical aspects that might overwhelm some users. In this article, you will be provided […]

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